Monday, September 14, 2015

Items to Pack for HP House (Long Term)

This post is for anyone who plans to stay long term at the Hackerman-Patz House.  It's essentially a list of things I have purchased for our 12-15 week stay.  Most of it I didn't think of until I arrived and wished I had it.

Kitchen Stuff:
Corelle Service for 4 (Mugs, Bowls, Plates - specifically saying Corelle because they're durable, heavy duty and so easy to clean!)
Dish Soap
Sink Cleaner
Dish Rags (to wipe spills and counters)
Coffee Filters
Regular Sized Coffee Pot (mini just doesn't cut it for me!)
Coffee Filters
Pill Cutter
Daily Pill Box (you know the kind you think of for your Grandpa!)
Dish Drying Mat
Water Bottles (There is a great water and ice dispenser in the common area)
A durable bag to carry stuff from room to kitchen in common area (especially helpful while also pushing child!)
Measuring Cup and Spoons (surprisingly, not in the common area kitchen)
Hot Pad (again, not in the common area kitchen)
Small Trash Can for Kitchenette area (room currently only has trash in bath)
Paper Towels
Food Storage Containers
Zip Baps

Living Area:
Coat Rack - truly a great purchase!  I hang my purse, my zip-ups, Elsie's jackets, everything!  The room has no hooks!!!
Laundry Basket (2) - 1 for dirties, another to carry back
Bedding - I can't deal with hotel comforter for 100 days people! (I do use the sheets though!)

Wide, Low Chair for shower (if ex. fixator)
Sterilite Tower of Drawers (there is no storage in the bathroom - this is essential!)
Hand Towel
Antibacterial Soap for Shower
Toilet Paper
Trash Bags
Hand Soap
Large Hand Sanitizer Pump
Bath Towels
Bathroom Rug
Clorox Wipes
Shower Cleaner
Mug to sit on counter for toothbrushes/paste

Laundry Soap
Dryer Sheets

Supplies Specifically for Lengthening based on OUR experience.  Amounts and items will be specific to you:
Kids Multi-vitamin
Calcium Supplement
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
6" Sterile Swabs - have been told normal q-tips okay, but I prefer the long handles.  (Elsie did too!!)
Kerlix 3"/4" Rolls
Needle Nose Tweezers
Coconut Oil (to rub on leg)